Create Your Unique Website

If you dream to have a website with a special, modern design then you are in the right place

Creat Your Unique Website

If you dream to have a website with a special, modern design then you are in the right place

Creat Your Unique Website

If you dream to have a website with a special, modern design then you are in the right place

Use Facebook, Instagram and Co. as an additional sales and acquisition channel for your company, start-up or project.

Social Advertising – Branding, Performance, Brandformance

Reach your target group where they most feel comfortable – via their social networks! Potential customers spend a great deal of time here getting inspired, discovering new things and … you guessed it, consuming. With optimised texts and the right targeting, we will find and attract your customers. We offer expert advice and, in accordance with you, will develop a suitable strategy covering everything from the campaign setup and ad formatting to implementing the appropriate optimization along your sales funnel. Whether it’s hard conversions, qualitative traffic or adopting a new approach towards your website visitors, We will show you how to best achieve your goals.

Performance Advertising

We can help you successfully market your product online by covering all relevant performance channels like Google, Facebook and Bing.

Remarketing in PPC & Retargeting in PSA

Users who are on the verge of a conversion are particularly susceptible to retargeting ads on social media platforms. Consequently, it’s worth addressing your customers again via relevant social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, but also via LinkedIn or Twitter. And not just generically, but dynamically and directly with the right products or content that is already of interest to your users. You can also use activating incentives that are adapted to the respective level of the user in the marketing funnel. In addition, you can collect valuable data and signals from your target group in order to reach new and similar users to assist your company’s growth.

Our 11 Step Offer!

  • Strategic advice on campaign objectives such as brand awareness, website traffic, contact enquiries, sales transactions, etc
  • Identification of relevant target groups as well as integration of external target groups and creation of scalable targeting (lookalikes)
  • Help with the creation of all relevant advertising formats , such as instant experiences, video and app-install ads
  • Support in the integration of product catalogues of any kind
  • Dynamic (re)targeting along the entire sales funnel
  • Tracking integration using the Google Tag Manager
  • Campaign success measurement such as Facebook pixel, Twitter or Pinterest website tag and UTM parameters
  • Regular reporting that is flexibly adapted to your needs
  • Scalable international campaign management from a qualified team of specialists
  • Transparent and flexible billing at the request of the customer: budget-based or hour-based billing
  • Short contract periods/periods of notice and test phases

Overview of our services

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network

  • Set-up of the Facebook Business Manager, the advertising account and the integration of Facebook Pixel on all relevant websites
  • Creation of different campaigns to achieve the desired marketing objective
  • Optimisation and monitoring of the budget
  • Access for individual live dashboard of all campaigns, ads and target groups as well as their evaluations


  • Set-up of the advertising account as well as the conversion or insight tag on all relevant URLs
  • Campaign creation to increase all lead conversions or job applications as well as traffic to your website


  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Encourage App installs for your iOS or Android App


  • Branding
  • App installs
  • Website traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Website conversions and catalogue sales


  • Campaign set-ups to increase website traffic via Twitter
  • Promotion of content to increase engagement

We discover what really works for you

In social advertising, we use the classic method of A/B testing advertisements, target groups and bids, amongst other things. Whether a red instead of a blue background, an aubergine instead of a courgette emoji or a formal vs. an informal tone is being tested – with us you not only optimize your target group ads, you put your entire social media communication to the test.

We use so-called split tests for this purpose, both in our day-to-day operations and, if desired, within Facebook’s “Test & Learn” product. This confirms or disproves assumptions and hypotheses and, building on these, we can further develop your advertising and social advertising strategy with you.

Leads for B2B and B2C

Collect important contacts for different industries via Facebook or LinkedIn, for example. We will also support you with products and services that require an explanation in order to score points in winning over new customers.

Data visualization for a better understanding of the numbers

Our campaign evaluation goes far beyond the usual reports generated by the respective advertising platforms. With our customized dashboards, you not only see how high the cost per campaign was, but also how your campaign performance behaves across multiple audiences and ads. All your data is structured within it so that you maintain a holistic overview of your relevant channels. This makes the use and benefits of your marketing budget much clearer.

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